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You can use a veneer to alter the size, shape or color of one tooth or all of them. They can be useful for removing gaps or straightening, whitening, or correcting teeth that have been damaged by grinding. They look, function, and feel just like normal teeth.

Veneers are slim caps that fix to the outer layer of a tooth. They can be applied in as little as 2 appointments and require only a small amount of removal of the existing tooth. Veneers are the most durable and natural looking restoration technique in the history of dentistry. In addition to this, they are the best material to be sitting next to your gum. This is the best option when rectifying the problem with your front teeth.

What you can expect

If maintained correctly, your veneers will last a lifetime. They are strong and are more resistant to chipping and stains that fillings. Regular dental hygiene visits, and a good oral care routine will ensure that you get the best out of your veneers. Biting your nails, or biting into ice or hard candy, can damage veneers.

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