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An immediate and efficient method for replacing any missing teeth in a single visit is same day dental implants. Dr. Shabany will set the implant in place and will then set the temporary crown on to the implant in just one day, so your smile will be restored immediately. Traditional implant methods can require multiple visits, sometimes months apart. Same day dental implants offer immediate results and have the same level of success as traditional methods.

Same day dental implants:

  • Look natural and are a perfect fit for your smile
  • Can be set in place in just one visit
  • Are long lasting
  • Let you enjoy most foods after an initial healing process.

How is a same day dental implant implemented?

During the implant procedure, Dr. Shabany will set the implant into your jaw, where the missing tooth was. If you have a broken tooth, this can be removed and an implant set into its place during the same dentist visit. There can be some limitations, so Dr. Shabany will need to evaluate your individual situation and requirements. This can involve an advanced device known as a Cone Beam CT scan.

When the base of the implant has been set, Dr. Shabany can then create a temporary tooth or, if required, a set of multiple teeth to place on top of the base, acting just like your natural teeth, immediately returning your full smile. Traditional implant methods can require a significant period of healing between setting the implant and placing the crown. Same day implants mean the crown can be set immediately, offering you a full smile again after a single visit.

After the procedure, there will be a short period of time for your body to adjust to the new teeth that have been introduced. Though you will have a full set of teeth, and a restored smile, there will a little time before osseointegration is reached. This is the cohesive integration of the implant into your bone. During this time, it is advised that a softer diet is adhered to so as not to jeopardize your successful osseointegration and ensure implant success.

The traditional implant method is also referred to as a “delayed” approach. Our same day implant process will remove any delay, leaving you smiling again after a single visit. Before undertaking the procedure, we must run some tests to verify the health of your jawbone and gum tissue to ensure the most appropriate procedure is undertaken and that you receive the best results. It may be that a bone graft is needed to allow for the optimal results and the best chance of a successful outcome. In most cases, this can be completed during the same visit as your implant setting.

How Do same day implants differ from traditional dental implant procedures?

With traditional dental implants, the procedure is often split into multiple visits. The initial session will be to set the implant into your jawbone. Over time, the implant will be secured in place by a process called osseointegration. This is the process during which the implant becomes fused to your jaw, forming a secure bond. The period of time between this and your following appointment would be when the osseointegration would occur. During your second appointment, Dr. Shabany would then securely fix the implant to the base that is fused to your jawbone.

Same day implants, however, offer immediate replacement of teeth. During the implant procedure, Dr. Shabany is able to remove existing teeth, if required, and simultaneously place the implant base, at which point the crowncan be set into place, returning your smile in a single sitting. This temporary crown will be replaced by a permanent one when the integration of the implant is fully complete.

WHEN are same day dental implants recommended?

Same day implants are most effective for teeth towards the front of your mouth. In cases in which someone has lost all their teeth, same day implants may also be recommended. We will help you to understand which procedure is most suitable for you, whether this is same day implants, traditional implants, or other procedures, like zirconia implants.

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