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Composite Restorations

Before and after | Composite Restorations
  • Before: Two old fillings wth decay and fractures
  • After: Composite restorations completed
Before and After | Composite Filling
  • Before: Old filling breaking down with fractures on both sides
  • After: Composite filling
Before and After | New Composite
  • Before: Old amalgam with tooth fracture, decay and sensitivity
  • After: New composite, eliminating the decay and fractures with better esthetics
Before and After Photo


Before and After | Crown completed
  • Before: Tooth was fractured, with decay and an old large filling that is leaking
  • After: Decay removed, crown completed and patient is happy with results
Before and After | Crown
  • Before: Fractured a large portion of the tooth
  • After: Crown completed, replacing the fractured portion and prolonging the life of the tooth
Before and After | Crown completed
  • Before: Severe decay, rotation and crowding
  • After: Crowns and root canal therapy to achieve the client’s vision.

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