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Utilizing digital dentistry instead of traditional impressions reduces the error factor significantly so things fit properly the first time as they should. Our new machines have limitless capabilities and allow us to reduce turn around time for our patients and provide a more accurate appliance or prosthesis and more predictable results.

Intra-oral Scanner

The Medit i500 is our current scanner. With it we can eliminate the use of impression materials that cause patient gagging sometimes and have inherent errors when poured up into stone models. The elimination of models reduces errors that end up showing in restorations or prostheses.

Intra Oral Scanner

5 Axis Mill

With the Coritec 150i PRO, we can make crowns in the office with total control of the process. We mill dentures in the office to a high degree of accuracy, and can mill custom implant abutments for our larger full arch cases.

5 Axis Mill

3D Printing

With the Sprintray PRO 3D Printer, we can print affordable dentures for patients that may have financial concerns. We can also print Occlusal/bite guards for our patients that grind / clench their teeth.

3D printing allows us to make surgical guides for implant planning so the process of implant placement to restoration is much smoother for larger complex cases.

3D Printing

CariVu – Early decay detection

X-rays (radiographs) do not always diagnose early decay. If we suspect an area, we will use this device to investigate it further. CariVu is a compact, portable caries detection device that uses patented transillumination technology to support the identification of decay, fractures and cracks.

CariVu - Early decay detection

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